Your Provence sommelier at home: Maison Moga comes to your home to host and elevate your private tastings

Treat yourself to an introduction to oenology in Vaucluse

Your Provence sommelier at home from Maison Moga is the guarantee of a wine expert who comes to meet you and help you discover, in an intimate and friendly moment, fabulous little-known wines or rediscover from new angles already really famous wines. With your friends, discover the wine-growing terroirs of Provence and the Rhône Valley, find out more about the aromatic profiles of the grape varieties (cépages) and the possible food and wine pairings, bring the world of wine to your home to learn more about this beverage and the passionate men and women behind this know-how and the numerous labels.

A Provence sommelier at home is a private initiation to oenology always animated with good humor and the understanding of what you and your friends or family want to learn and discove. This is an opportunity for you and your guests to take the time to observe, discuss and share your sensory impressions with the Maison Moga sommeliers. Finally, an exceptional moment that we gladly share with loved ones! This tasting moment can be organized during a meal at home in Vaucluse, at a friend’s place in Sorgues as a birthday gift but also as an original way to animate evenings with friends during the summer holidays in the Alpilles or the Luberon.

For your guests and yourself, a unique tasting experience

Your Provence sommelier at home from Maison Moga will make sure that both neophytes and wine enthusiasts will live an unforgettable moment. The personalization of our service and the variety of our wine cellar in l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, will allow you to choose the style and theme of your wine selection.

Chateuneuf-du-Pape, Côtes de Provence, Ventoux wines, organic wines … You decide your best options, accompanied by the suggestions of our sommelier to organize the perfect wine tasting. If you wish a sublimated oenological experience with food and wine pairings, we recommend a tasting of local farm cheeses and AOC (Controlled designation of origin) cheeses.

Your Provence sommelier at home from Maison Moga is a unique tasting experience that highlights quality local products such as fresh cheeses from Pernes-les-Fontaines, dry sausage from Monteux or smoked trout from l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue; and a terroir sometimes from elsewhere as with the tasting of Iberian delicatessen from Bellota or smoked salmon from the Faroe Islands. Other local and artisanal products from Maison Moga’s delicatessen can complete our private sommelier offer at home as an accompaniment to the tasting of artisanal Provence bruschetta from Vers-Pont-du-Gard, foie gras’ farm from the Lot -et-Garonne or French caviars from Aquitaine.

Books a sommelier at home in Provence to share the passion for wine

At Maison Moga, taking a sommelier at home in Provence means calling on a professional who will share his knowledge with you and pass on his passion for wine with only good will and above all with a lot of kindness towards the most novices, along with a very open attitude towards the informed amateurs.

Making wine tasting at home less impressive than it seems by creating warm and memorable moments, while providing a high-end service that offers the possibility to learn more about confidential wineries and exceptional wines and thus to taste great quality products which make the reputation of France and particularly South of France.

If you are looking for a sommelier at home in Provence to learn more about a particular terroir or to host an evening at home as with a blind tasting, where you will have to distinguish red wines from white wines and rosé wines, Maison Moga is the wine merchant for the job! From Avignon to Roussillon, from Carpentras to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, we come to you with great pleasure!